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Growth Fixer assists companies in reaching their growth targets faster by combining the methods Growth Hacking, Lean Startup and Agile. We do this by executing fast and measurable experiments to find out how to reach your marketing and sales targets as soon as possible.

No more spending weeks of resources on just one marketing or sales campaign, where you will find out the effectiveness afterwards! That’s way too risky. By experimenting, we can spend the budget on the most effective channels, target audiences and/or strategy and no valuable time is lost.

How Growth Fixer fixes your growth

Way of working by Growth Fixer

I’m ready to help you reach your growth targets!

My name is Vincent Visser and I’m the founder of Growth Fixer. I have experience with growing companies by working at companies like Google, Adyen and ING.

Interested in what I can do for your organization? Reach out to me, through the channels below, and tell me what your growth targets are. I would love to think with you about a strategy and can get the best people to fix it!

T: +31 (0)6 – 215 30 940
L: Vincent Visser